Ag Law in the Field: Episode 21 – Doug Caroom (Texas Groundwater Law)

Water law is an important issue in Texas.? Today, we will be discussing Texas groundwater law with Austin-based water attorney, Doug Caroom.?? Doug and I walk through the Rule of Capture, the approach to groundwater in Texas.? We discuss regulation by local groundwater conservation districts and considerations that go along with this approach to managing groundwater. Additionally, we talk through several key and recent groundwater cases including?Day v. Edwards Aquifer Authority,?Bragg v. Edwards Aquifer Authority,?City of Lubbock v. Coyote Lake Ranch.??Finally, we discuss the law and impact of some pending water pipeline projects and some pointers for folks to keep in mind when purchasing or selling property with regard to groundwater severances. When asked for a law he would like to see changed, Doug says that it is too difficult to amend surface water rights at TCEQ, which prevents there from being an effective water rights market in Texas.? He believes we could use surface water more efficiently if there was a viable market system for water rights. His response to the always-popular restaurant recommendation request was to offer one high-end restaurant at the University of Texas called The Carrilon and then a favorite of he and his wife called The Grove. Contact Info for Doug Caroom (Email) (Website)??

Source: Ag Law in the Field: Episode 21 – Doug Caroom (Texas Groundwater Law)