Well Plugging & Capping

The Brazos Valley Groundwater Conservation District would like to remind everyone that abandoned wells can pose a health threat to you and your neighbors. If abandoned wells have not been plugged or capped, they provide a direct conduit for contaminated water to get into the aquifer. Also, if the holes are left open children and animals can fall into the wells. We urge all landowners to identify abandoned wells on their property and report them to the District. State law requires that any well open or uncovered at land surface be closed or capped. When plugging an abandoned well, owners must meet the requirements of the Texas Water Well Drillers Rules and fill out a state plugging report. The well must have all pumps, piping, and obstructing materials removed, and be disinfected before it is sealed. Information and forms for this procedure are available at the District office. The District provides financial assistance when plugging a well. Grant funding is available to cover 75% of the cost of plugging. The maximum disbursement per well plugged will be $1000. Contact the District office to obtain the proper form.

If wells are not plugged, they should have a cap capable of supporting at least 400 pounds. The cap should either be permanently attached to the casing or have a permanently attached pipe extending at least 3 feet into the well casing. The weighted pipe should be no more than 2 inches smaller than the diameter of the well casing, and the cap should be of sufficient size that no opening shows if it is shifted.

To report an abandoned or open well please call or come by the District office.

The BVGCD variance number for plugging Brazos River Alluvium Aquifer is GCD 002-19 when completing the well plugging report.

BVGCD Water Well Plugging Guidelines