Our Mission

The Brazos Valley Groundwater Conservation District is a not-for-profit local government that is required, by law, to protect and conserve the groundwater resources of Robertson and Brazos counties through local management. The District’s primary goal, and legally required mandate, is to make sure that enough good quality groundwater stays in our area for future generations. The District will strive to keep a balance between protecting the rights of private landowners and its responsibility to protect the area’s groundwater resources.

The District will direct its efforts toward preventing waste, collecting data, educating people about water conservation, and preventing irreparable harm to the aquifer.

The District’s rules and management plan will be based on the best available science, the laws and rules in effect, and the area’s needs.

The District will not regulate domestic wells that are not capable of producing over 50,000 gallons of groundwater per day. However, domestic wells may still receive protection from the District that they do not currently have under the Rule of Capture. Although new larger wells must be permitted by the District-such permits will not be difficult, timely, or expensive to obtain. The District will only charge user or export fees as necessary to fund the operation of the District. It will not charge fees to deter the use of groundwater or to profit from the usage of groundwater-the District is prohibited by law to do both. The District’s fees will not in any way fund the State of Texas or any other political subdivision.

Robertson and Brazos counties have been joined in the same groundwater district because they are connected to each other geographically, economically, and hydrologically. The pumping of groundwater in each county directly affects the groundwater levels in the other county. The only way that either county can insure that the other county is not harming it by decreasing its groundwater levels is to have them in the same groundwater district. However, no county or city can or will control the District. Representatives of groundwater interests in both Robertson and Brazos counties will work together for the good of the area as a whole.