Central Texas growth hinges on water (Killeen Daily Herald 2-4-17)

There is no doubt that a population boom is looming for Bell County and the rest of the state. Between 2020 and 2070, Texas? population is expected to increase from 29.5 million to 51 million ? a 70 percent increase in just 50 years, according to the 2017 State Water Plan.

However, this growth is not guaranteed without one precious resource: water.

?We don?t want Texas to get into a situation where water is limiting growth and limiting economic opportunity here ? and it could,? said Thomas Gerik, director of the Blackland Research and Extension Center in Temple.

One potential solution to the state?s impending water woes is ASR, aquifer storage and recovery, which is a way to store water in an aquifer for future use…

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